DIY wall decor

November 12, 2013

While antiquing a few weekends back I saw a similar wall décor with one small piece of wood and a mason jar going for $45! I looked at my hubby, snapped a pic, and said we're making this!

Me being impatient, and knowing how were are, I drove us straight to the hardware store! If I didn't it would have become another one of those projects we never got around too! I was looking for something to replace some red mirrors on my living room wall that just didn't fit, so I needed a large enough piece of wood to hang, that's why I decided to go with two jars. We purchased the round piece of wood for about 3 bucks, the silver hook things(I'm drawing a blank on the name) for $1.20 each, and some spray paint for about $2.50. I already had the mason jars laying around from Ri's first bday party so we were ready to go. Oh.. we also bought the little mirror hanging hooks and attached it to the back.

I totally failed on the step, by step pictures but when I make some more I totally will! I pinky promise :)

We first drilled in the mirror hanging hook on the back, then spray painted the wood. (I am on the hunt for some distressed wood to make some on, to make it more unique).
After the paint dried the hubby drilled in the silver thingys(yeah still blanking) and then slipped in the mason jars before securing!
Then I added some flowers, I know theyre dead now :( thinking about making some paper ones so it wont be an issue! and hung it on my wall!
Yep its as simple as that! A $45 inspiration all made under 12 bucks! And you better bet these babies will be going out as Christmas presents this year! Maybe i'll put some candles in them. OR paint the insides, Even add some glitter! Totally doing it, mine will be painted gold glitter for Christmas time!

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