Tis The Season

December 3, 2015

We love love love supporting our local business', and there is no excuse when it comes to getting our Christmas tree!

We always go to a local Christmas tree farm, when its nice and cold out! We bundle up and start the hunt for the perfect tree! We always have every intention of finding the perfect tree to chop down ourselves, but we can never quiet find the right one, and we seem to go on the COLDEST night and are ready to find our tree and get warm, so we find a precut one (i like the needles on the precut ones better)

This year the hubs gave me the thumbs up on getting a flocked tree, since i ask EVERY YEAR, but little princess ri wanted a green one, so of course I gave in!

Anyways we found the PERFECT tree and I LOVE IT!

The next night ri and I baked cookies, we watched Elf, drank hot chocolate and decorated our tree!

I love these little moments the most with my family!

Well Hudson, totally took more ornaments of then he put on, but hey it makes for good memories :)

Happy December y'all!

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