Raw balms

December 8, 2015

Seriously ladies, this chilly weather has my skin begging for some extra moisture! Unfortunately it has made me eczema go for mild to severe, like to where I can't sleep at night because it's so uncomfortable!

But I have an amazing cousin who is extremely knowledgeable about all natural products that she has created one just to target eczema! 

She makes what she likes to call "RAW BALMS", literally yummy food for your skin, she has a breathe balm, like all all natural Vicks vapor rub, and sleep balm to help you get over those restless nights, but my favorite is the eczema balm! As I said before she Uses all natural ingredients and essential oils! After two days of applying to my eczema problem areas I had instant relief! I don't find my self scratching through out the day, it smells good, my skin is getting softer, yes the balm has magic healing powers, and it's even safe for my babies!

If you are like me and are in search of something natural, safe and awesome, click here and check out "Raw Balms" for yourself! Ig: @rawbalms

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