10 random facts about me

August 3, 2015

I know that you don't know much about me considering I'm still new to this whole thing but I figured what better way to start introducing myself by rambling 10 random facts about me:

 1.i am currently stuck at this point in my life where I want to be successful in a career, but just can't give up precious time with my kids to pursue it.
2. Pink and sparkly gold are my favorite colors.
3. I never wear matching socks, so much so that I don't even think I could find matching socks in my drawer if I tried.
4. I love soda and candy, my sweet tooth is pretty much uncontrollable.
5. I am extremely unorganized, but pretend to be (although I know I fool no one)
6. I am an excuse maker
7. I actually really enjoy to cook, and am not too bad at it either.
8. I hoard my kids clothes because I don't want to accept how big they are getting.
9. I have severe road rage.
10. I have always wanted to be a mommy, since forever (random embarrassing fact; I played with dolls until I was probably 14)

I actually enjoy partaking in these 10 random facts because I always am interest to document the first 10 things that pop into my mind, and which ones remain the same each time I do it, and which things change!

Kayla T
 Picture cred: Pinterest 

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