A year older.

December 12, 2013

Birthday's usually have no affect on me, or my outlook on life, for some reason this year's did. Yesterday I turned 24! I feel that I have been going through many life changes lately, not big ones just little things, mostly feelings. Yesterday made them more official, it was an epiphany of some sort. As my husband and I relaxed in the living room enjoying the Christmas tree and the warmth of the heater in silence I was able to express to him what I want the years to come to mean to me, to our family.

I used to be so obsessed with the little pointless things in life. I let things overwhelm me that shouldn't, would stress over the gifts I would be getting, what outfit I would wear, and who would be celebrating my special day with.  Though, those things are somewhat important(who i would be celebrating with) this year they just didn't seem to matter. I could care less what people gave me as a gift, heck I told everyone I didn't even want or need anything. I didn't even have anything to ask for this year. All I wanted was to go to dinner with my little family, of course I had a grumpy little babe so it just ended up being the hubby and I but it was all I needed. It was perfect. 

I have realized that I want to live a simple life. A life filled with happiness and joy. The things that make me feel that way are not materialistic at all. Its my family. They truly make me happy. I don't want to stress about how much money I make, what car I drive, or what materialist things I have. Although I do enjoy having nice things, I mean who doesn't, I just don't want them to be a priority. I told my Hubby I want to focus on our relationship, our daughter, and living the life we want to live. We are going to set goals, realistic ones and support each other to achieve them. 

I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness. I can't even describe. I just know this will be a good year, and many more to come. I will sit back, relax more often, laugh, be silly, and enjoy the precious moments in life as my family grows together. I feel truly happy and fulfilled. I'm sure turning 24 had nothing to do with just, it just came at the same time where I am maturing and turning into the woman, mommy, and wife I want to be. 


December 6, 2013

So I've been MIA lately but I have been sooo busy with this busy holiday season at work. But I will try to be more involved. :) With Rilynn turning one a little over a  month ago, I was more than ready to get some family pictures done! So of course I called one of the Best :)

I am so excited and completely in love with our family photos by the amazing and talented Danielle Captio at www.Daniellecappitophotography.com! We had a very grumpy little Rilynn that day(of course) but we still got great pictures... now what else can you ask for? This is my little Family :)


We cannot wait to get more pictures done in the future with Danielle, as our family grows. We will be getting some more done when Rilynn is just about 15 months old, and through out milestones in our life! Can't wait to put these beautiful pictures around my home, and don't forget to send out our Christmas cards(they're on there way!!!))
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